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by Youth Meeting on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 11:49 AM

Should we pray in Coptic?

Facebook, useful or harmful?

Is a Three month salary of a Man’s salary too much for an Engagement Ring?

Abouna Bishoy Kamel

by Youth Meeting on Saturday, 17 November 2012 12:31 PM
Early Years

He was born Sami Kamel on 6th December 1931 in Damanhour (middle of Western delta - located 80-km southeast of Alexandria & 160-km northwest of Cairo). Sami was raised as a devout Copt. He assisted in the sanctuary as a child and learnt to read Coptic, the liturgical language of his people. In his Christian life Sami looked for good examples in the Church. A great influence on him was a man called Yussef Habib. Sami Kamel recognised virtue in the life of Yussef Habib and took him as a model of Christian living.

During his time as an undergraduate Sami took responsibility as a teacher with the Sunday School movement in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Moharram Bey in Alexandria. When he was a student, Sami used to go to church regularly but when the service had ended he would always quickly run away. A devout Copt called Dr. Raheb Abdel Nour noticed how Sami always ran off and so one day he stood at the door and stopped him. Dr. Abdel Nour explained that they needed help in the...

Archdeacon Habeeb Guirguis

by Youth Meeting on Saturday, 17 November 2012 12:30 PM
The Sunday School movement was a tiny seed planted and watered by men and women of faith, grew by the Almighty till it became a great tree giving fruit and shelter to countless many. Behind this institution lay a great army of selfless workers who were moved by faith and love for their church to arise and build with all the support and encouragement of the church leadership.

The most notable of the lay leaders of that age was Archdeacon Habeeb Guirguis, who was so outstanding not only because of his momentous deeds, but also because of the number of brilliant disciples he left behind, who followed his path and also wrote at length about his achievements since his death in 1951.

Early Years

Habeeb Guirguis was born in Cairo in 1876, his father hailed from the upper Egyptian town of Tema. He was only four years old when his father died, and his mother brought him up on Christian principles and nurtured his love of the church since his early childhood. If not for his upbringing, he would unlikely...

Tamav Ireni

by Youth Meeting on Saturday, 17 November 2012 12:27 PM
In her Youth

In Gerga, a small town that lies on the fertile banks of the Nile in Upper Egypt and in the 1940s, Yassa and Genevieve gave birth to their beautiful eldest daughter Fawzia. She was one of seven children in a wealthy family. To tell the stories and miracles of Tamav's life would require endless pages of writing.

Ever since her birth, she was a chosen fruit, and her mission was clearly assigned: “She is not yours; she is ours, but look after her and bring her up properly” were the words of the Virgin Mary to her mother in a vision while in labour.

Her parents and grandparents were very keen on practicing their religion and carrying out acts of mercy.  For example, on a daily basis, her mother would cook a considerable amount of food and send her daughters to distribute the meals to the needy families residing nearby.

Even in her youth, Tamav Ireni lived a pure life, she loved going to masses and serving. Along with a group formed by her sisters and friends, she loved cleaning...

God's Forgiveness

by Youth Meeting on Monday, 29 October 2012 12:04 AM

Read Galatians 4 and discuss how would one view God's forgiveness as a slave as opposed to a son? Think of the spiritual activities such as confession and repentance, prayer, reading the Bible etc...

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